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Melbourne is one of the most visited places in Australia and you may have to search hard for an economical place to stay. Homestay Melbourne offers cheap stay in Melbourne that is suitable for both short stay or for months. It is a well planned house with rooms to be occupied by various guests. Especially for people who would be staying in Melbourne for months, this cheap stay Melbourne is a well-suited place. You can easily access the bus station, train station and the free way from here. There are all facilities to cook food for yourself or place weekly orders from a good restaurant. Breakfast will be provided at minimal charges too. Look no further for budgeted stay options and book rooms here.

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Are you looking for a cheap stay Melbourne? You can book a room at Homestay Melbourne that is much cheaper that the standard room rent in a hotel. You can select a room in this rooming house according to your requirement and book for as less as one night or for months together. Instead of eating out throughout your stay in Melbourne, you can opt to cook your own meals in the well-equipped kitchen here. This cheap stay Melbourne is located very close to bus station and train station so that you can travel in and out of the city quickly and economically. So here is an opportunity to stay comfortably at an economical homestay. 
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